About Me

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Hi, I'm Amanda Kossina- the girl behind the camera.

I’m a professional in putting together dynamic images. I have worked in TV for 12 years, and have won 4 Emmy's! It was working in TV that gave me years of experience of videography, video editing, producing, and using photoshop to edit images and design graphics.

My love for photography started over a decade ago when I was in college and used to shoot with infrared film and develop in a darkroom. But, it wasn't until I had my baby girl a few years ago that I fell back in LOVE with photography and decided to create my business Kossina Creative.

Photography to me is special, in that I get to capture special moments in peoples' lives and put them in a time capsule to cherish forever. No matter the subject, my photographs will tell your story dynamically and beautifully. Beautiful landscape behind you on your special wedding day? Awesome. I know how to harness it. Blank canvas behind you for a headshot? I know how to minimize it to pull focus on your face and showcase your features. Have a brand new baby you want to show to the world in your excitement? I will create beautiful images you’ll cherish for life and your family and friends will fawn over. Milestones, Family Portraits, Celebrations, and even Automobiles, Kossina Creative will deliver the images you’ll love.